About Us

KayanEvents is a full-service event management company was established in 2017 which is specialized in designing, production, and management of both professional corporate events and private events throughout Egypt like Mega Events, Conferences and Product Launches.
We have highly trained professionals in event management. also we have the commitment of managing everything starting from site selection and logistics to on-site management and registration. In addition, you’ll work with a group of experienced planners with varied backgrounds in the events industry. Therefore, client's event remains well organized, fresh, creative and memorable.


KayanEvents strives to manage events and conferences with excellence and experience, while maintaining an outstanding quality performance, ensuring our services are always up to the professional standards KayanEvents was founded on. We are committed to building the businesses and brands of both our clients and service partners alike.


Since our start we have targets to achieve:
- Performing perfect organizing and management of events that always include a large number of attendees on a high standard manner.
- Adding the social dimension of the activities to reinforce the interaction and relations between all attendants as a one of our values.
- Assuring up-to-date facilities, equipment and ideas to empower the quality of events and deliver the message with its maximum level.

Core Values

The Main Key Elements Which Motivate Our Business Progressing


is the core of any partnership


opens the door to the future


ensures our credibility


makes our entrepreneurial success possible


makes mutual trust true


determines our business actions