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    Opening Ceremony of Minia University Liver Hospital
    From Wednesday, 25 Jul, 2018 To Wednesday, 25 Jul, 2018

    On behalf of ourselves and all Upper-Egypt people, we would like to express our deep pride and optimism for the great soft opening for this hospital which was a dream one day then become a true now. Thanks to the great scientist and dreamer Prof. Mahmoud Abo El-Enin Khattab this dream is existed now, his ambitious and fighter soul started to express itself since the idea of this hospital was cooked in his mind by year 2000. Starting from this year he had taken on his shoulders the mission of seeking and completing this idea till the end, and he magnificently succeeded in this after 18 years of different circumstances and hard times; financially and politically. At the end we just give ourselves an honor trophy to be a part of this amazing beneficial hospital that will serve more than 50 million peoples in Upper-Egypt with a high quality standards.